Hayabusa Thai Sparring Bundle – 15% Off

Searching for some new fight gear to get you through Muay Thai training? Step inside the gym with this 4-piece Hayabusa Thai Sparring Bundle and get 15% off! Perfect for working your knees, elbows, punches and kicks, this discounted Muay Thai fighting set includes a pair of Hayabusa Pro Training Curved Thai pads to absorb shots, Tokushu Striking Shinguards to unleash leg kicks, Tokushu 7oz Hybrid Gloves to keep your fists flying in style, and a pair of Hayabusa Kasumi Fight Shorts which facilitate knees and kicks. Grab the full bundle below while it’s still in stock and save yourself 15%!

Regular Price: $439.96 / Sale Price: $373.99 CLICK HERE TO BUY